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Unboxing ZyXEL MWR102 Travel Router

This is my unboxing video of the ZyXEL MWR102 Travel Router. You will also see a video on FaceBook Live where I initially posted post. I will be talking about this in the coming weeks as one of the options to use when travelling. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. This is one of the more compact routers that I have found in some time. You have the option of power the MWR102 via an AC power supply and through a USB cable to your laptop. The folks at ZyXEL were nice enough to provide a short ethernet cable to connect either your laptop to the MWR102 or to connect the MWR102 to the hotel network port or whatever network port that you are using.

The MWR102 can be used as both a hardwired firewall or as a wireless client to the network that you are connecting to or as an ad-hoc AP so that you can safely browse the internet from your laptop when a wireless connection is available otherwise. While a small travel bag is supplied with the MWR102, I would suggest looking at something like a Pelican 1010 which would do a better job at protecting the Travel Router from inadvertent damage from items shifting in whatever bag/suitcase that you are carrying it in.

While this travel router wont pass traffic at gigabit speeds, what hotel/convention center have you been in that can boast/deliver that speed of network connection. One of the first steps that I would suggest to do when purchasing this router is to register it with ZyXEL and see if there are any newer firmware versions available for installation before you put the MWR102 into production use. The more proactive steps you can take before a problem may occur, means that much less that you will have to deal with after a problem has shown up.

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