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P16Looking for a Speaker for your next event ?

Whether speaking to a room of 10 people or an auditorium of 400, Ron makes each attendee feel like he is speaking directly to them. It seems like hardly a days goes by where online accounts at some online retailer or social media site have been hacked or broken into. Surveys have shown that the usual culprit is an easily guessed password being used on multiple sites. Ron walks you through, in as little as three steps, how you can prevent your online accounts from being easy prey to hackers and other unwelcome visitors. That is just the foundation to the levels of protection that can be put in place for your accounts.

More websites are using security questions as an additional level of protection to access the account or change the password. Want to know how to provide the best answer for a security and why? Ron shows you how to use these to protect you from problems. With some security solutions, you will here terms such as token, two factor authentication and certificates. Don’t let these terms scare you. After setting through his presentation, you will leave with a clear roadmap of how to protect your accounts and a step by step process for doing so.

The more steps you take now to protect your account(s) helps reduce the chance of your accounts being compromised or hacked into. It is a matter of choice, would you rather spend a little more time when setting up an account to make it safer for you and less likely to be broken into or spend a lot of time and potentially a lot of money cleaning up the mess after the account has been broken into?

For a One Sheet about the presentation, click on this link for his Speaker One Sheet. You can reach Ron at to start the conversation to have him at your next event.

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