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The Hackers Are Coming Workbook

The Hackers Are Coming WorkbookThis is the companion workbook that I have created to ensure that you get maximum result from the book “The Hackers Are Coming…”. The first pages of the workbook tell you what each of the pages of the workbook are for.

Depending on the level of protection you would like to put in place for all of your online accounts, you can start with the worksheets that help you document your existing accounts, select the best password manager application for your needs and get all of that account information that was either in your head or written down on a series of notes into an application meant for this use and to help keep the information from getting into the wrong hands.

More websites are offering the security question option as an additional layer of account security. It is a good idea to record what questions and answers used for each account. While you might remember the answers you gave today or tomorrow, you may not be so luck several weeks or months down the road if the account being accessed is used infrequently.

Having a strong password is just one part of the process of protecting your accounts. When you travel, you should also have additional tools in your arsenal. This can be a software firewall, a hardware firewall or other tools that are being released on a frequent basis. The key thing to remember is that the more protection options you have in use, the more likely that the would-be hacker will move on to someone else who isn’t as well protected. Don’t try to implement everything day one, take it one step at a time for the best results.

By purchasing this workbook, you have a license to copy/print as many pages as needed for your own individual and/or personal use.

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