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Common Passwords You Shouldn’t Be Using !

password graphicIn light of the series of news reports about account hacks, I thought was a good idea to put out a list of the most common passwords.  I know it is a pain to come up with a unique password for each site you have an account on.  Look at it this way – would you rather spend a few minutes how coming up with a good password that can be guessed by someone with commonly available tools or spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess after an account has been hacked or broken into ? If you aren’t already using a Password Manager application to help make the process easier for you, now is a good time to start looking for one to best fit your needs.  I will be going over several of them on my podcast and in upcoming posts to this blog.

Here are a list of the 20 most common passwords to avoid using –

1. password                       11. 123456
2. 12345678                      12. qwerty
3. 12345                            13. dragon
4. pussy                            14. baseball
5. football                         15. 1234
6. letmein                        16. monkey
7. 696969                        17. abc123
8. mustang                      18. michael
9. shadow                        19. master
10. 111111                          20. 1234567

You can see a very comprehensive list of common passwords that should not be used at  Common passwords, like the ones shown here, can make the login account susceptible to what is known as a dictionary attack.  The attack gets its name from the list of passwords to be tried coming literally from a dictionary.  While having a password that is easy to remember, it is also a double edged sword.  It is also easier to guess.  Adding mixed case letters, non-consecutive numbers and punctuation increase the level of difficulty.  Some websites allow for the use of special characters in a password.  You will find that what is considered a “special” character is often what you or I would think of as comma or backslash.  While using a single password is easier to remember, it also lowers the level of protection on your other accounts.  Once your password has been found, that will be one of the first things tried when hackers try to get access to other well known sites.

HackerBook3DTo learn how to protect your other social media and login accounts, please purchase a copy of my book “The Hackers Are Coming… How-To Safely Surf The Internet”. This book covers how to protect your other online accounts to make it as difficult as possible for someone to hack into your account.

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