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Welcome to Protect Your Login. This website has information about “The Hackers Are Coming… How-To Safely Surf The Internet” book and how to better protect your accounts from those with less than honorable intentions. I do a weekly podcast doing into more detail than what I was able to in the book. New technologies and options that came out since the books release are also covered.

For those who have purchased the book, you will be able to register your purchase of the book. In return for registering the book, you will find out how to purchase a companion workbook to help you get maximum use of the information from the book. Would you rather take a few minutes protecting your accounts or spend countless hours and potentially a lot of money dealing with the aftermath of the damage after an account has been broken into ? As more website, particularly those with e-commerce functionality, offer to store your credit card and other personally identifying information, the more important it becomes to take every reasonable step possible to keep your private information as safe as possible.

No one way will be the best for everyone to protect all of their online accounts. Some sites use a method that is unique to themselves, so that requires a slightly different approach. Some sites offer additional protection that require a cell phone in order to you. I show you an option that looks like a cell phone to these sites but allows the information to be handled in a way that is more convenient to how you would like to be able to work with it. As you increase the level of protection around your accounts, so does the importance grow on having that information in a safe place that you can always get to.

If you would like to have a presentation on this given your civic group, social organization or company, please reach out to using the Contact Us option to get that conversation started. To read the information that I post, please click on the Blog menu option.